Next show: 30th March 2019, St. Aloysius Theater

Premier: 2018.05.27. Jewish Art Days

Choreographer: Varga Kinga

Director: Winter Hanna

Costume: Napsugár von Bittera

Music: Rona Geffen, montázs

Consultant: Verő Tamás

Cameraman: Gábor András

Graphic: Rátkai Márton

Dancers: Feicht Zoltán, Bajári Levente, Kiss Tamás, Hortobágyi Brigitta, Hannah Eden 

Location: Bethlen Téri Színház

Urge, or also called Drive, is our human will to live, our hopes, a journey through our instinctual needs. From the inception of every living being these needs await to be fulfilled. An unappeasable thirst for life, a driving force, or is this just a glimpse of our inner hedonism…? What happens when our own drive breaks through the barriers of our restraint, do we become fulfilled; or do we just not meet our expectations…?

Programme Calendar: http://www.bethlenszinhaz.hu/event/nesama-dart-tarsulat-2/


Sponsors: EMMI, NKA, HETI TV