Project Z


Premier: 2019.01.26.

Choreographer: Varga Kinga

Visual effects: Krajcsik Zsolt

Costume: Napsugár von Bittera





Premier: 2018.06.21.,22.

Location: BFM Theater Geneva

Choreographer: Varga Kinga

Co-operation partner: Piri Ballet Nyon

Dancers: Hannah Eden, Rotter Bianka (Hungarian national Ballet), Kiss Tamás, Feicht Zoltán

DART Company in cooperation wiht Hungarian National Ballet and Piri Ballet Nyon is excited to present Ophelia, az original classical ballet production. Accomplished soloists, including dancers from the Hungarian National Ballet, and DART will perform as the main characters of this enchanting farytale. 

Sweet little ones will fill all of the additional characters, including fairies, city people, butterflies, magical water, the enchanted forest and many more!

The performance will be family friendly and will be suited for all adults and children aged two and up. 

Talented dancers, beautiful choreography and stunning costumes will all contribute to an unforgettable show that you and your family can enjoy together!


Premier: 2018.05.27. Jewish Art Days

Choreographer: Varga Kinga

Director: Winter Hanna

Costume: Napsugár von Bittera

Music: Rona Geffen, montázs

Consultant: Verő Tamás

Cameraman: Gábor András

Graphic: Rátkai Márton

Dancers: Feicht Zoltán, Bajári Levente, Kiss Tamás, Hortobágyi Brigitta, Hannah Eden 

Location: Bethlen Téri Színház


Urge, or also called Drive, is our human will to live, our hopes, a journey through our instinctual needs. From the inception of every living being these needs await to be fulfilled. An unappeasable thirst for life, a driving force, or is this just a glimpse of our inner hedonism…? What happens when our own drive breaks through the barriers of our restraint, do we become fulfilled; or do we just not meet our expectations…?


Choreographer: Varga Kinga

Every week Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays starting at 23.30 (11.30 pm) 

Places: Budapest - Fogas ház, Instant, 5Kert, Széchenyi Fürdő

Can you imagine contemporary art in the Budapest nightlife? Come and look at how DART imagines it!